PRISM Live Studio

Produce videos with
stunning effects​

Creating fun, engaging content has never been easier!
Combine any number of stylish masks, interactive effects, background filters
and music to create a one-of-a-kind video masterpiece.

Camera Modes

Choose between 3 modes:
Live Stream, Video, Photo

Choose between the live, video and photo modes
to create either a dynamic, interactive live stream
or an engaging pre-recorded video.


Stream to live platforms

Try broadcasting simultaneously on multiple channels by connecting
your Youtube, Twitch, afreecaTV, V LIVE, NAVER TV, Periscope
account(s) or linking with your Facebook RTMP.
Your viewer count will multiply with just one setting.

My Studio

Share photos and videos,
and add background music

Adding external content to your video has never been
easier. Go to My Studio to pull up photos, videos,
and music right onto your screen.


Share your mobile screen
with screencast

You can broadcast by sharing your mobile screen
with your viewers in real time through
Android's Screencast feature and iOS's Replay Kit.

Live Chat

View chat messages
in real time

Monitor the chat while you’re broadcasting.
Connect a widget service, and never miss
another donation, follow, or subscription event.

Camera Effects

Adopt a new style

Try on a mask and show off your flair for style. You’ll
always be ready for the occasion, regardless of what
you’re broadcasting.

Transform your

Create the perfect stage by using a background filter
and watch the mood alter within seconds.

React with a twist

Tap different parts of the screen to make dust clouds
burst and send hearts flying. Communicate with your
audience the fun way.

Visualize emotions

Activate emotion filters to display your feelings on
screen. Express your anger with fiery eyes or show your
happiness with a few claps.

video Editing

Create fun videos with
easy editing features

Easily create fun videos using
simple editing features.
Drafts are stored in My Page,
so you can resume editing anytime.

Video Effects

Add stunning graphics
to complete your creation

Take your video to the next level by applying movie-like filters,
drawings, stickers, and copyright-free background music.

To Be Continued

PRISM Live Studio currently supports live streaming for V LIVE, NAVER TV, WAV, YouTube or Twitch and RTMP channels and will soon expand to more platforms.